I discovered that I like to experiment with colors, models, lighting and styles to come up with new ideas, unique images and avant garde art. In 2005 I opened my own studio, LeMuse Photography. Throughout this time I was working with a prominent NYC and world renowned photographer Steve Hellerstein. His work has inspired me tremendously and as always during my career, I have been shooting various projects on my own, switching between film and digital. Today, I have many event clients and have worked on numerous commercial projects including, Galit Couture, U-Mode Salon (which was featured on the cover of COBA, a russian magazine), radio BCE, Angara.com, musicians include Chris Norman, Glukoza, Boris Moiseev, OneGog and Akula . My experience in psychology allows me to put people at ease. I love to have fun with my clients by allowing them to feel completely comfortable whether I'm shooting a nervous bride, a first time model or a misbehaved child.
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